Facebook Advertising: Why is it so valuable?

Facebook Advertising is perhaps not one of the first things you make think of when preparing a budget for PPC, however it is probably one of the best tools out there for paid advertising.

Currently there are around 28 million Facebook users in the UK alone and these people spend around 421 minutes per month on the site. This is around 7 times more than the time spent on Facebook. These stats alone scream out potential.

“Facebook Accounts for 1 in 6 U.K. Page Views”

Couple those stats with the fact that Facebook advertising can be highly targeted to the exact type of user you want. For example you can target a particular age group, or a fan of Led Zeppelin, you can even narrow it down to the likes and dislike of users. This means that your advert will only show to the users of your choice and this also means that the advert is more relevant to the user and therefore is more likely to click through.

Facebook provides you with similar statistics to that of Google Adwords and will show you the impressions and clicks each of your adverts are getting, and you can manage your costs just like Google Adwords.

There are many ways to increase the chances of conversion by using Facebook Pages and viral marketing campaigns, something which Polished Media advise on in our SEO Starter Pack. We can also offer a more bespoke service for your company, if you want more details please email us at info@polishedmedia.co.uk

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